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Moira Connelly

Lives and works in Los Angeles. 

BA Sarah Lawrence College

MFA Tyler School of Art 


Thresholds, Candid House, online


Enough is Enough, Benefit Auction curated by Wonzimer Gallery and Tiffany Livingston, online

Unseen Margin, Benefit Auction curated by Pilot Projects, online



Set Adrift on Memory Bliss, Pablo’s Birthday, New York, NY

Connect, Barnes Collection, Philadelphia, PA

Coloring Book, curated by Anthony Campazano at Fleisher Ollman, Philadelphia, Pa

Exquisite Corps, Second State Press, Philadelphia, PA

Space is the Place installation, Second State Press, Philadelphia, PA

Summer Show, Crane Arts Building, Philadelphia, PA



Code Switch, Delaware County Community College Gallery, Media, PA

Post-Election, September Gallery, Hudson NY



Daylight Savings at Second Bedroom Gallery, Houston TX

SHOUT TREE at Fjord, Philadelphia, PA

Condition of Place at Woodmere Museum of Art, curated by Odili Odita, Philadelphia, PA



Droopout and/or the pleasures of communal bathing at Temple Contemporary,

Philadelphia, PA (solo)

There’s no meat in team at Icebox Projects, Philadelphia, PA

YingYang at Handjob/99 Cents Plus Gallery, curated by Tessa Perutz, Brooklyn, NY



Beware of False Prophets who come unto You Dressed in Sheep’s Clothing, and Underneath they are Ravening Wolves at

Stella Elkins Tyler Gallery, Philadelphia, PA



Engagement Party at Tyler School of Art, curated by Dona Nelson, Philadelphia, PA



Installation at Shea Stadium, Brooklyn, NY



Brain Melt, A Gathering of Tribes, New York, NY



Simpatico Symposium, Barbara Walters Gallery, Bronxville, NY

Installation, A*Space, Bronxville, NY


Exquisite Corpse at Golden Age, Chicago, IL and Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA



Home at Night, A*Space, Bronxville, NY

Curatorial Projects:

Day Space, Philadelphia, PA 2016-2018:

How Proficient Am I at Existence, Michelle Anne Harris, 2018

Lost Pet, Abraham Murley, 2018

Rebekah Callaghan, Dustin Metz, and Kevin Travers at Day Space, 2017

Tessa Perutz and Jessica Hans at Day Space, 2017

Matt Carrieri and Seneca Weintraut at Day Space, 2017

Molly Metz and performance by Japama at Day Space, 2017

Jamie Gray Wiliams and Ajay Leister at Day Space, 2016

David Aipperspach at Day Space, 2016

Laure-Helene Oakes-Caseau at Day Space, 2016

Brandon Grumbling and Darren Beck at Day Space, 2016

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